2012 Hyundai Veloster is a Car Worth Waiting For

Commutes, or more specifically, long commutes, whether they seem like a pleasure or a necessary evil, they are a part of reality for most Phoenix Arizona residents.  A commute is simply this: Time.  Time, in turn, is something that should be well spent.  This leaves Phoenix Valley drivers in search of one thing, an automobile that will contribute to their daily commute being time well spent.  This leads us to the 2012 Hyundai Veloster.   The car made quite a splash when it debuted this last January at the Detroit Auto Show. Effectively replacing the Hyundai Tiburon (at least for the time being), the Veloster is a compact sport coupe with a lot to offer to the discerning Phoenix Arizona driver.

The perfect desert road car, small enough to not cost you an arm and a leg on gas(see estimated mileage below), yet roomy, stylish, and on the cutting edge of interior high technology enough to make for time well spent on the road.  Built-in features let you share your location with friends, use hands-free texting, and even upload your favorite music and play videos through a USB port. The double-scooped aggressive front end, LED headlight accents, and a trick 3rd side passenger door give this new vehicle a completely modern style, while delivering up to 40 MPG, giving you hybrid mileage without the hybrid premium.

The hands free texting and location sharing both come as part of the Blue Link package.  With Blue Link you can also remotely lock your car, start your engine, and if you’ve lost your car in the parking lot, you can flicker the lights and honk the horn. Most importantly, and most impressively, the Blue Link SOS Emergency Assistance service can detect when you have been in a collision, locate your position and send emergency services.

Phoenix Valley residents can view and test drive the new 2012 Hyundai Veloster when it hits showroom floors this July at any of the Phoenix Valley area Hyundai dealers.

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