The Ferrari FF Delivers in Pure Performance and Practicality

The problem with many high tech and high performance vehicles is that, for most of us in the Phoenix Valley area at least, trunk and passenger space factor more into our daily practical concerns than do launching ability or lightening fast 0 to 60 mph acceleration.  In a high performance super sport, the most used aspects of a vehicle are often the first things sacrificed for the sake of dropping weight and increasing pure on track performance.  But for those who want both, just wait, this year Ferrari is showing us that we can have our cake and eat it to, that we can take our children to school, or have ample trunk space, while still resting secure in the fact that, if needed, we could easily come out the victor in a high speed Jason Bourne style car chase.

Much controversy was made this last January when Ferrari announced its new model, the Ferrari FF (Four).  The Ferrari Four, while certainly designed to be a head turner (both because of its high performance engine as well as Ferrari’s unmistakable exterior aesthetics), the Four was also designed with the family in mind.  The FF is as much a family car as a sports model, with a comfortable four-seat interior and a spacious luggage compartment.

What makes the Ferrari Four even more unique, and what gives it its name, is the fact that it is both a four seater (a rarity in the super sport category), and that it is also a four wheel drive vehicle, a first for the Ferrari brand.   So does the introduction of a four-wheel drive family car to their line mean that Ferrari is planning to shed its reputation for speed, acceleration, and sporty handling? Not at all. In an ingenious bit of engineering, Ferrari has managed to create what is quite possibly the fastest accelerating four-wheel drive car on the road. They’ve done this by giving the FF the largest engine of any Ferrari, along with a four-wheel drive system that weighs half as much as similar systems usually do. According to its manufacturer, the FF can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in just 3.7 seconds, with an impressive 651 horsepower giving it a top speed of 208 miles per hour.

To have a look and a test drive, Phoenix Valley residents can stop by Scottsdale Ferrari at 6825 E. McDowell Rd, near McDowell and Scottsdale Rd.

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