What to Wear to NASCAR

If you’ve read any of my “what to wear” posts before I’ll let you in on a little secret: most are written from a combination of the facts that I’ve likely A. been before and am drawing upon B. my knowledge in fashion combined with common sense.

This “what to wear” post, however, is partly drawn from a less-than-likely source because, well, I’ve never been to a NASCAR event. But this Saturday, April 18th is the Subway Fresh Fit 500 at Phoenix International Raceway and if any of you are going that haven’t been before, well, then you must know what to wear!

As it so happens, my boyfriend is a total NASCAR nut. So with a little probing of the conditions of races and some online shopping, I’m telling you yet again that yes, you can be stylish and not over-the-top at any event.

So what’s to expect at a NASCAR event? All day out in the sun. And noise. And likely sitting in grandstands.

So please, ladies by any means, just remember:

Don’t wear stilettos. It’s just plain impractical and ridiculous looking. There’s tons of walking to be done and you’d have to be in them all day. Instead, try a nice sandal, flip flops and again, if you must, go for a stylish wedge.

No dresses. I usually wouldn’t advise this. If you’ve read anything I’ve ever posted, in fact, I suggest a dress for almost any occasion. I mean, go ahead and wear a cute day dress at your own risk. But as I envision walking up grandstands and people walking down below that can peer up I’m thinking….yah…not the wisest decision. The same goes for skirts. I just wouldn’t do it.

It’s hot. If you don’t want to burn go for something lightweight that will cover you. If you’re thinking denim shorts there’s tons of cute cutoffs this season just remember, it’s a bleacher situation! So take a towel unless you want those oh-so-unaesthetically-pleasing bleacher lines all over the back of your legs. Yeah, you don’t want to be that girl.

Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses. Go ahead and show some style with some super cute shades!

Be a denim diva. Jeans and a tank or a cute T-shirt is a definite win in this type of situation and speaking of T-shirts…

An absolute big no-no (which again, I can’t take credit for this) is wearing the only racing shirt you have in your closet. I.e. that one you got from some race 10 years ago which has nothing to do with present day drivers, sponsors and sometimes even tracks.

Got it girls? Here’s a couple of looks. Have fun at the race!





  1. It may be inappropriate to wear a dress or skirt but would it be too hot to wear jeans?? I hate wardrobe dilemmas!

  2. i think i would go with the cut-off shorts. NASCAR sounds like hell…but i heard it’s actually really fun to tailgate. one big trash fest.

  3. Nascar is the best! I use to go when living in the south and Florida. Many people from Phoenix are from Chicago or New York and need to let loose and try it. Just a super long drive to PIR.

  4. Love me some Nascar! I will be at Talladega this weekend(wearing cut off cute tight jean bermuda shorts with black cotton tube top, fantastic sunglasses and silver flops… and my drivers hat), no dresses ladies, really… there are many a drunk man-child that would also flip it up walking by. Wedges, while I love, are also extremely impratical with all the walking, and walking, and walking. All those cute purses are also a no, you will be with a man to hold what little posessions you may need. However, there is a bright spot to the what to wear for Nascar, it just depends on the track. Charlotte, NC for instance, dresses nice. There is hope. 🙂

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