How to Mix High and Low Fashions

If there’s one fashion lesson to learn quickly it’s how to mix high and low-end fashions. This, I like to believe, is one of the first fashion commandments I mastered because I was A. always obsessed with fashion but B. not working with a Paris Hilton-sized trust fund.

Especially with the economic climate the way it is, there’s never been a better time to mix high and low. It may not be the best moment to drop $2,000 on a pair of boots and flaunting an over-logoed luxury item now is considered tacky. But if you make some key choices and the right investments, you can fool anyone as to how much you’re really spending on your items and get by just fine. There’s just a few rules of thumb to live by that once learned, are really quite easy.


1. Spend on: Accessories

When women are eyeing you up and down, the first thing they notice is your bag and then your shoes. I went on a several-week hunt for the perfect birthday dress last month. I ended up spending the money for my “dress” on a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors sandals, paired them with my Louis Vuitton bag and a new $20 dress fromForever 21. Spot the bag, spot the shoes, and you’d never guess my dress costs less than a date at the movies.


2. Spend on: Jeans

Why? Tops are pretty expendable. Trends change every season and to keep up, it’s easy to stock up on the latest for under $40 each. Jeans, on the other hand, are classic. You can wear them every week for a good few years so the investment is well worth it. Plus the fabric quality is noticable to the touch and visually noticable too.


3. Spend on: Classic pieces

This is your nice black slacks, black dress, good pumps. The pieces that will last you through the years are best to acquire in nice high-quality materials. For more on what these pieces are, check out this previous post here.


4. Spend on: Outerwear

If you live here and don’t vacation often, I might not take this one as seriously. But for any East Coaster’s out there, a nice coat is a definite must. In the fall/winter it pretty much becomes your outfit so you might as well invest in one that’s going to keep you warm, stylish and last for years to come.

5. Shop for Quality

When you’re looking for disposable items like that of-the-moment dress or top, try to look for pieces that resemble the same quality fabrics and construction of higher-end ones. Get to know what these look like by spending some time browsing higher-end clothing. Once you’re familiar with the fabric differences it’ll help you distinguish between the lower-end items that are great knockoffs and the ones that look just plain cheap.


  1. I must admit I am leery when it comes to jeans. Now I’ve never spent $200 on a pair, but I have certainly spent half that amount. And in a few short months the fabric gives and they longer hold their shape. I’ll give it a shot.

    1. With designer denim, don’t wash them as often! It sounds gross but they will keep their shape and last a lot longer. Sone people are so anti-washing that they even stick their jeans in the freezer!

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