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Most of the jobs I’ve held in my life have required some form of dress code or another. I would say it usually consists of black bottoms and a nice blouse, flats or heels, no cleavage, appropriate skirts/dress length and so on and so forth. Seeing as I am a lover of fashion and one of my jobs is to write about the latest fashion trends I sometimes get a little frustrated with my work wardrobe. I mean how many pairs of black slacks can a girl own?

So I decided, for myself and for every other workingwoman who must adhere to a dress code, to come up with some fashionable work appropriate outfit ideas. Enjoy!

All Black Dress Code

An all black wardrobe can be hard to work with and a tad bit boring, but there are several ways to give it a little more life (since you can’t give it color). My favorite way is to mix a classic black button down with a black bottom that has some flare. Try an all black skirt with a swirly A-line silhouette made from a material like chiffon or silk. If skirts are not a functional choice for your line of work try a sassy pair of wide-leg trousers. The rest is all about the accessories.

Business Formal

We can say goodbye to polyester, navy blue, boxy suits—with exquisite tailoring and elegant fabric choices designers have made wearing a suit exciting again. The key to choosing a great suit is to mix colors, fabrics, and textures like this tweed jacket and print silk blouse. Of course all of these may not be available in a single suit so you may need to go the route of choosing separates.

Business Casual

Ok this is one of the most confusing terms to ever hit fashion—how can you have business and casual in the same outfit? Well here is my interpretation: slacks or a skirt, a print blouse, and a cardigan with some sparkle. Rachel Zoe made it easy for us with her new line.

Casual Dress Code

A casual dress code can be tricky because there is a fine line between appropriate and way too casual. I would say the best style choices for this kind of dress code are day dresses, your best pair of jeans, and feminine blouses. A statement accessory like a bright scarf can go a long way here.

By Kristianne Young

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