Fresh Optics- Fashion Forward Eyewear

For most of us, eyewear is a necessity if we want to function normally in our daily lives, not to mention avoid those awful wrinkles incurred by squinting while watching Reality TV (yes, we know about your secret obsession with The Kardashians and The Real Housewives of Miami, because we are right there with you!). Yet, there are a whole gang of imposters sporting these ocular necessities, and all in the name of fashion. Can you really blame them? At our last appointment we asked our local eyewear shop if we could have their signage after they were done using it, the campaigns are that sartorially pleasing.


If you’re like us, and need a new pair of Reality TV friendly frames or you just want to try on this hot new accessory we have created our very own guide to fashionable optics.

Warby Parker has created these intense Blue Sapphire ‘Watts’ frames with the mid-century cool cat in mind. Plus we love that when you purchase a pair of frames from WP, they give a pair to someone in need!

Make an impression with these candy colored Prada beauties. Perfect for heart, oval, and square face shapes.

These Tom Ford 51 mm frames in Dark Havana are for the true bookworm. Reading never felt so cool.

Everyone, and we mean everyone, needs a pair of Tort (as in tortoise) eyeglasses. You can pick your favorite size and shape, but we love these Gucci frames.

By Kristianne Young

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