How To: Crown of Glory

It’s a wonder that braids are still a hot trend, after what seems like half a dozen seasons, but they are… and we love it! We headed to the Fall 2013 runways for some new and fresh plait inspiration.

The Messy Crown Braid a la Alice + Olivia

alice-olivia-nyfw-fall-2013-hair-makeup-w724photo: Glamour

1.Start by prepping your hair by applying some heat protecting spray like Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection which was used for the show. This will protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer.
2.To help you in styling your hair, the next thing you should do is to apply volumizing mousse. Mousse effectively aids in styling and gives hair volume.
3.Next, dry your hair straight with a blow dryer but make sure you lift the roots of your hair with your fingers to maintain that natural look.
4.Once your hair is dried, create a center part and then pull your hair back. Make sure you sweep your hair over your ears so that it somewhat covers them and let loose strands fall freely in front of your face. This will help your get that edgy / messy look.
5.Once your hair is gathered on your nape, divide it into sections and braid each one. Make sure the braids are loose and wide to really get that messy look. Keep the braids close together so they’ll make a nice crown.
6.After you’ve done the braids, cross them in opposite directions and then bring them up towards the crown of your head until they meet. Make sure the two braids blend and then secure them with a pin. via

Rodarte Rock ‘n Roll Princess Braid

hbz-braids-revisited-fw13-rodarte-lgn photo: Harper’s Bazaar

1.To get the cool wavy hair, apply a curl mousse on wet hair and blow dry it.
2. Make loose waves using a curling iron.
3. Brush the curls out and create two braids at both sides of the head and pin them together at the back of the head.
4. Make a little bun (the rose) with the rest of the hair using bobby pins.
5.Braid a third section right below the bun.
6. Finish with some hairspray. Of course.
via Nolo Magazine

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