A Spring Clean Closet

Things are warming up around here and with triple digit temperatures it is officially time to start putting away the sweaters, coats, and scarves for next year. That is, of course, if that they last that long—being shoved into the back of the closet to get misshapen and dusty year after year can definitely take a toll on your favorite knits. Luckily one of our favorite fashion sites Who What Wear has created an excellent guide on “Everything You need To Know About Storing Your Knits.” We chose a few of our favorite tips, but you can find the rest here.

Sweater bunch


“The key to storing your wool and cashmere is to make sure it’s clean when you pack it up, because bacteria creates holes and contamination.”
If you don’t want to go the dry cleaning route, Hiriak recommends using a natural no-rinse cleanser for delicates. You can also run your sweaters through a gentle cycle in the washing machine–just be sure to let them air-dry after.


“Adding cedar wood and lavender keeps your knits smelling clean and deters moths from damaging the fabric.”


Believe it or not, a gentle baby shampoo such as this classic is perfect for washing sweaters by hand and will work in a washing machine too.


Clear plastic boxes with lids that create a tight seal between outside air and the contents within are ideal because they’ll protect your knits and you can see what’s inside.

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