5 Best Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes

Honestly, I can’t believe that Halloween is right around the corner. Only two weeks away and I haven’t given a thought to what I am going to be…until now that is. This year was deliciously full of scandalous water cooler moments from Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Snooki drunken brawling bump- it moments so it’s no wonder that these two top the list for favorite costumes this year for the ladies. But being that Gaga has an endless array of costumes to choose from we will start there and save the Jersey Shore for a later post!

If you are wondering just which Gaga to be this Hallows Eve here are a few ideas:

Meat Dress Gaga – In my book it takes a decent amount of either courage or stupidity to wear a costume made of actual meat for an entire evening of partying ( I doubt that Gaga even wore hers expertly butchered one for more than a short bit)…but again I am practically a pescatarian so raw meat in general freaks me out. If not for the smell alone I find it far better to enlist the help of meat shaped dog toys or paper cuts outs attached to your body suit. And of course a few “pig ears’ from your neighborhood pet treat section will also come in handy. Don’t forget no LG moment would be complete without the requisite fishnets and tan bodysuit underneath.

Bubble Gaga – I adore the bubble suit! Clear balloons which can be found at party and craft stores glued together make for the perfect bubblicious outfit. Alternatively clear round plastic ornaments can also create a similar effect. The blonde straight hair wig with bangs is a must to pull this one off.

Gaga Animal – Of course if you are a fan of Sesame Street Gaga’s “AnimaL” skirt was to die for. All that’s needed is a super fitted black jacket (fishnets and black bodysuit underneath) topped off with a giant Animal shaped pillow/skirt. This one goes with the Marilyn Monroe hair, a pair of gloves and sunglasses.

Kermit Couture – While we are on the subject of Sesame Street, how about the Kermit suit? Probably my favorite part was the Kermit hair accessory propped precariously on her blond bob. This is perhaps a no brainer… hello Toys R Us but it might also be the one costume that breaks the bank. It takes a lot of Kermits to make an entire outfit! And you can quote me on that one!

Gold Gems – Probably one of my favorite Gaga moments was the black leather dress topped off with gold pentagon gems. This one can be duplicated using a little spray paint and some Styrofoam floral supplies. Once again the gloves, fishnets and stick straight wig are absolutes!

Of course I could take up a week or more of blog posts going through Gaga moments and sadly loves we don’t have that much time, but here are a few more easy to replicate looks that you can whip up in no time!

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