Swarovski Crystal-Studded Contacts, $250K Jeans and More…

Oh yes, you thought you’d heard and seen it all right? Well, I figured to congratulate you on making it to Hump Day I’d treat you to a few luxe oddities I’ve seen lately…

Anyone care for a pair of truly premium-priced denim? Dussault Apparel fashioned these jeans, “The Whites,” valued at a mere $250,000. The distressed denim features 18-karat white gold set with 16 1-carat colored diamonds and 41 .05-carat colored diamonds throughout the crosses and skull eyes.

No comment on my personal opinion on these pants, I’m just here to share the news 🙂

Dussault is donating half of the profits from the sale of the jeans to Canuck Place Children’s Hospital.

Now, if you had a more subtle type of bling in mind, these Swarovski Crystal-studded contacts may be more your thing.

This via Luxist, the sparkling stunners were created for a Swarovski contest, though to be perfectly honest, my eyes hurt just looking at them. I mean, studs on the rim of your contacts just can’t possibly be comfortable! Here’s some closeup shots for your viewing torture/pleasure:

I’m thinking this brings a whole new meaning to “eyes that sparkle.”

And finally, Wednesday’s wrap-up ends with my fantasy closet:

How fabulous is that Chanel closet?!?!??!?! Amazing. It resides in a home called Champ d’Or which is on the market right now, www.champdor.ebby.com. Check it out, the house is kind of amazing.

Realtor contact: Greg Cagle, gregcagle@ebby.com.

For more luxurious indulgences, pick up your Nov. 2008 issue of Arizona Foothills!

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