Tips for getting a great haircut

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, you are ready for change, you announce it to your boyfriend, your book club, your coworkers….it’s time to change your hair! So off you go skipping into the salon picture of your favorite haircut in hand and just a mere sixty minutes later you are horrified by the haircut you see before you…. Thinking this isn’t what I said…clearly this is not what I wanted…and I said don’t cut it too short! Sound familiar?

Well, if you have been in these shorn- to -bits shoes before here are a few tips for getting the haircut you want

First, consider your lifestyle and how much time that you’re actually willing to spend on styling. Are you a late sleeper or do you give yourself time to spend on getting ready? If you need to, are you willing to add some extra time to make a new look work? If not you may reconsider doing a drastic look.

If you are trying out a new stylist do your research. I once had a very picky friend with perfect, thick hair convince me to go to her stylist because he had never done a bad cut not even once. Apparently for a girl like me with thin fine hair…he wasn’t so exact. Take recommendations from friends that have similar hair to yours, not the ones whose hair is the opposite in thickness and texture. Check out some of the more popular review sites on the web like Yelp or Google the stylist or salon to find out more info.

Schedule a consultation before making a big change even if it’s with your regular stylist, and be honest about what has worked or not worked for you in the past. If you are going to a new stylist don’t skip the consultation and elaborate on as many details as you can, let them know if you have any issues with hair growth, cowlicks, styling etc so they can help guide you.

Bring photos or examples from magazines whenever you can, this help the stylist to get a clear idea of what you like and makes sure you are on the same page.

Be realistic about the cut you want, obviously if you don’t like to spend more than five or ten minutes on your hair in the morning don’t choose a style that will require your curly hair to be blow dried than flat ironed every day, or if you have thin fine hair don’t choose a cut that works best on thick hair etc. etc.

Pay attention and communicate exactly what you want during the cutting process, if you notice that your stylist might be ready to cut too much off then speak up, and at the completion of your cut if you are unhappy let the stylist know that your cut might need some tweaking before you leave…. Every stylist I know would rather have their clients be up front with them than never come back.

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