The Lipstick Index is a Beauty Girl’s Dream

Beauty @ Dolce & Gabbana SS14. YouTube.

You can only read so many trend forecasts or runway reports before things start to blur together into confusing mixed messages of colors and styles.

When it comes to beauty, this is especially the case. While one magazine might claim that a smokey eye is in for fall, another beauty blog might say that a minimalist palette is the look to follow.

Now, Glamour has solved our beauty trend woes by introducing the Lipstick Index, an online social media measurement tool that pulls the hottest trends across the Web in real time.

Beauty @ Dolce & Gabbana SS14. YouTube.
Beauty @ Dolce & Gabbana SS14. YouTube.

According to Glamour:

“…The Lipstick Index listens to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and top beauty- and news-based sites around the world in order to identify trending beauty topics and influencers. These real-time rankings are then plotted on a dynamically changing visual grid to give a clear indication of the most-talked-about beauty trends of the moment.”

From there, trends are updated hourly and given a ranking score depending on how much they’re talked about (a.k.a. engagements) online. Users can then click on a trend to learn more about where it’s popular and read related how-to articles and the like.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 7.10.41 PM
A screenshot of what’s trending now on Glamour’s Lipstick Index

For instance, the top overall beauty trends currently rank in as 1) Countouring 2) Strobing and 3) Updos.

If you’re interested in a specific category, such as hair or nails, you can also see what’s trending through beauty categories such as these as well.

I’ll definitely be making use of this new tool when planning my look for a big event or simply just wanting to refresh my routine with something new.

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