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DIY Beauty Part 2

So darlings part two of the DIY quest to transform those tendrils of dullness into locks of love. As mentioned first you need to choose the right formula, semi, demi or permanent color, depending on whether you are darkening, lightening or covering a little or loads of gray, then pick a shade that’s not more than two hues up or down the chart to avoid any kaleidoscope of color horrors.


Next it’s all about the proper application. First and most importantly read the directions on the package. Though not often, brands may vary in their application timing so always be sure to take each step one at a time and incorporate these tips of the trade to get the best possible results.


Once you’ve read the box, start with an old towel that will never be seen in public, drape it over your shoulders and clip it with a hair clip to secure it. Or better yet pick up an inexpensive cape at the beauty supply along with some clips to section off the hair so it’s easier to work with, and buy a wide tooth comb and a coloring brush. Be sure that you have a reliable timer so that you can keep track of exact timing…you can pick one up at Target or Ikea. Find a disposable plastic bowl…never use metal when mixing hair color…remember this is chemistry and metal is a heat conductor so any activators may heat up which is not good for your mane. Hair should be completely dry, free of products and NOT freshly washed, so give yourself a couple of hours post washing before you start your hair painting project.

At home color kit

At home color kit

If it’s your first time coloring you will want to follow directions for a full application from root to tip. If you are touching up roots or covering gray brush the color on the roots then as directed on box brush color through the rest of the hair. Be sure to get all the hairs in the back and check and check again to make sure that everything is covered. To avoid staining on the skin your can wipe a little facial oil or Vaseline petroleum around your hairline, in case of missteps wash off any dye that creeps onto the face, hands, neck ears etc. Once your time is up, you can jump in the shower and rinse away all the color, or lean over the sink and rinse until the water runs clear. With at home formulas it’s always best to not shampoo post color for 24 hrs but for some it barely makes a difference. Use a bit of conditioner and comb hair out with a wide tooth comb before blow drying.


Once you are done, toss any remaining color and wash out your brush, comb, bowl etc thoroughly. Reserve these items for your next DIY appointment.


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