Match Nail Polish to Outfits With China Glaze iPhone App

Ever have a hard time matching a nail varnish to your eyes or a specific color within your outfit? Thanks to the nail gurus at China Glaze, there’s an app for that. Available for iPhone or iPad, find the perfect shade to complement your outfit, or really anything you’d like your nails to match.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 7.57.36 PM

Screenshot of the new China Glaze nail app for iPhone and iPad

Either use an existing photo in your camera role or take a new one of specific colors or patterns you’d like your nails to reflect, and the app automatically finds a matching color out of over 300 active shades. Next, test out the “Try It On” fitting room feature that lets you customize your skin tone and length of your nails to virtually try on the color.

After you’re done, you can purchase the color at with just a few taps, or save all your favorite shades to your camera roll for easy reference. Share your favorite colors and looks with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Looking for more nail inspo? Connect directly with the brand at the “What’s Haute” tab to get the latest nail trends, see real-time updates of new collections and “how-to” video feeds China Glaze’s YouTube channel.

Salons and nail pros are also able to register for product updates and to be listed in the app’s Salon Locator feature, which is currently in development for future updates. Also in the works are features to expand the app into a community, including discussion boards and wish lists.

Available for free at the app store.

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