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Home Sizer App

I don’t know what I ever did without my iPhone. Not only can it keep me entertained when I’m bored (i.e. the Hangman application), but it also truly caters to my lifestyle with all of my email, the weather for whatever city I am in, happy hours at nearby bars and a notepad for quick and organized note taking all in one place.

But now, the iPhone has seemingly gotten even better as I have recently discovered a multitude of apps specifically for interior designers or anyone doing any kind of home renovations. Here are a few of my favorite iPhone apps for home design:

Home Sizer App
Home Sizer App

Armchair Design Home Sizer: Square footage can mean a lot when designing a home, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out. This square footage calculator allows you estimate the size of their dream home, or to simply calculate the square footage of an existing home. Just enter the name and dimensions of each room and it will calculate the area of the room, the cumulative usable square feet and estimate gross square footage of the entire house. $2.99.

Palettes: This is the perfect way to decide upon a color palette for your home or just a room. Grab colors from a photograph, a Web site or add colors using any one of the five color models and quickly create the perfect color scheme for your walls. Lite version, free; pro version, $6.99.

Mark on Call App
Mark on Call App

Mark on Call: Created by interior designer Mark Lewison, this iPhone app serves as an all-in-one home design helper, featuring shopping lists, measurement tools, layout planners and more. $2.99.

Bananas Design Rulerplus: This convenient app allows you to take measurements quickly and easily without digging through drawers for a real ruler. It offers a 7 cm/2 inch ruler and the option of extending the ruler by moving your iPhone to the right and pressing +. Free.

iHandy Level App
iHandy Level App

iHandy Level: When moving into a new apartment recently, I used this app myself to hang pictures and mirrors on the wall. Quite possibly easier to use than a real level, this app allows you to hold the calculation so you can move the phone away from the wall and still see how far (or close) you were to measuring even. Free.

I.D. Woods: This little guide is packed full of information on wood. It includes helpful bits on durability, sustainability and color, as well as cutting techniques and nail size reference. $2.99.

3rd Whale: If you’re interested in going green in your home, this app is for you. It helps you find contractors, services and businesses that focus on an eco-friendly lifestyle. $1.99.


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