Creating the Coziest Bed


Sleep is important. Getting the best, coziest and most luxurious sleep starts with the bed itself. Here are some tips to making your bed a haven for your best sleep ever.

Wash Your Sheets Often 

Something that many people neglect is washing their sheets regularly. Not only is doing this more hygienic, but also makes your bed feel better to sleep in. Nothing is better than the feeling of sleeping in freshly washed sheets. 

Add a Throw Blanket

Although it’s not cold yet in Arizona, adding a throw blanket to the end of your bed is a great way to up the coziness. Once the temperatures start to drop, you will be glad you have a blanket within reach for when you get a little too cold in the middle of the night. Opt for one in your favorite material, such as fur, fleece or cable-knit.

Add Your Favorite Pillows

The saying “less is more” doesn’t apply when it comes to pillows. Overload your headboard with an assortment of pillows angled against it. Add a wide variety of pillows in different materials for enhanced bedroom décor, and options when it comes to what pillow you sleep with. 


Don’t underestimate the power of a candle in your favorite scent on your nightstand. While this is not an addition to your bed itself, it is peaceful to fall asleep to a sweet aroma in your room.

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