Fluid Faucets Creates Collections to Mimic Nature

Penguin Collection
A good sink can turn a ho-hum powder room or master bath into a chic and inviting space. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, or you’re in the market for a new sink or faucet, you’ll love these modern, inventive and creative collections from fluid, a part of Sustainable Solutions International.
Penguin Collection
Penguin Collection

fluid has released eight different bathroom collections, all of which “call to mind a different element from nature, art or architecture.” Each of the faucet styles mimic the shape of their “design muse,” making for a fun way to think about bathroom accessories. Here are the various styles in which you can choose from:

Penguin: Clean and contemporary, the Penguin Collection is streamlined and perfect for the modern-style bathroom. Not only is this faucets completely easy on the eyes, but it is also eco-friendly, as it can be equipped to a low-flow aerator for an industry-breaking 1 gallon per minute—a rate that awarded it WaterSense certification.

Sublime: Modeled after the arc of a rainbow, the Sublime faucet and bathroom accessories feature subtle curves to combine both form and functionality.

Swing: Inspired by music, the Swing collection best suits the free spirit type, with its flowing curves. This collection is sure to bring a fun ambiance to any bathroom without going over the top.

Emperor: Strong and steady, the Emperor collection is influenced by the Qin dynasty. As a CIDDF golden award winner and iF product design winner, this faucet (and the rest of the collection) has strong angles and a curved appeal, making for a more dramatic statement.

Emperor Collection
Emporer Collection

Toucan: This collection is inspired by the big-billed toucan, and its simple yet strong design is effective in many different bathroom styles.

Jovian: Reminiscent of the impeccable craftsmanship of the ancients, the Jovian collection proves masculine and sturdy without being harsh.

Fan:Yes, this collection’s inspiration is quite obvious. Mimicking an Asian fan, this graceful collection makes a striking statement once the water is turned on and rolling off the curved edge.

Fan Collection
Fan Collection

Wisdom: Finally, this collection is an “inspirational fixture,” which complements many different home and bathroom décor styles.

About fluid: A part of Sustainable Solutions International, this Vancouver, Canada based company has been working for over a decade to manufacture and supply to North America some of the most innovative and solution-based green products on the market today. For more information on fluid, visit http://www.fluidfaucets.com. For more information on Sustainable Solutions International, visit http://www.sustainablesolutions.com.

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