What’s Next for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Circular Sun House

Norman Lykes Circular Sun House Front.
Norman Lykes Circular Sun House

The Norman Lykes Circular Sun House in Phoenix was master architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s final design before his death in 1959. 

The historic structure, which is currently listed on the market and set to undergo a renovation, is in the hands of Wright’s closest colleagues as they aim to preserve the home’s beautifully-crafted characteristics and continue the beloved architect’s legacy.

Architect Erik Peterson, with PHX Architecture, was one of Wright’s apprentices at the time of the first Circular Sun House renovation in 1995 and is now a well-known and highly respected architect in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

“Frank Lloyd Wright would want his homes to evolve,” says Peterson. “He didn’t want them to become museums . . . So taking this house to the next level—Wright gave us his permission to do that.”

Renovation plans include adding a garage behind the existing carport that will remain as a structure for guest parking as well as adding a guest house to the north of the property and expanding the primary bathroom and dressing area. 

Elizabeth Rosensteel, the interior designer for the renovation completed in 1955, will bring modern updates inside the home, including LED lighting and new porcelain-tile flooring while keeping the originality and history of this great piece of architecture. 

“I’ve visited many Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and they are pretty particular with staying with some historic colors: the oranges, greens, reds, etc.,” says Rosensteel. “If you do it judiciously, it is beautiful, especially in the desert. We have a neutral backdrop, but our flowers are bright yellow, fuchsia, orange, all of that.”

Though Wright passed away before the construction of the Norman Lykes Circular Sun House in 1967, his strong legacy in Arizona makes the historic home a unique and special opportunity. 

Norman Lykes Circular Sun House

“There is a high level of interest from both the press and the public,” says Realtor Deanna Peters who placed the home on the market. “Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiasts and historians want to know what is next for this famous home. It is one of the greatest unions of architecture and art in all of Phoenix.”

In Frank Lloyd Wright’s words, “A great piece of architecture makes the hill upon which it resides more beautiful.” The Norman Lyke Circular Sun House will continue to do just that. 

Click here for a more in-depth look into the interior of the home.

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