Weekend Real Estate: Why Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Home

This week, real estate sales consultant Liz Shackelford of The Jason Mitchell Group gives her expert real estate advice on why now is the best time to sell your home.

Homeowners, 2018 is the year to sell!

Don’t miss your opportunity, its time to sell! While inventory is low and high in demand, we are seeing a strong sellers market. To put it simply, there are more buyer’s then available homes. Especially in Phoenix where the market is hot and we are seeing tons of growth. Per U.S. Census Bureau, Phoenix is tops in the U.S. for population growth. We are seeing almost a 2% increase per year. This is great news for the real estate industry, builders, and also for the homeowners selling in this market.

With land becoming scarce, and the option to build getting more expensive, residential resale is on fire. Sellers, that means for you, it’s time to cash out on the equity in your home. 2018 provides an opportunity to get unbeatable prices at your terms. Buyers are going to great measures to win the house. We’re seeing bidding wars- which push up prices- and offers with very pro- seller terms.

In 2018 Phoenix is hitting a record high of consumer confidence, stock market surges, and low unemployment rates. In result, we are seeing lots of home- buyers in the market. The feds predict a rate drop of unemployment to below 4% (U.S. Census Bureau). That is a record since 1960. As jobs expand into Phoenix, incomes are growing and people are feeling good about their finances.

Homes have increased on average by 5% since November of 2017 according to NAR. While interest rates are still low for buyers, it’s the perfect time for sellers to put their home on the market.

For more information on the real estate market trends how much your home is worth, please give me a call. My phone number is (480)-268-6471 or email me at eshackelford@mitchellgroupaz.com.

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