Weekend Real Estate: 3 Benefits of Having a Buyers Consultation Before You Buy a Home

This week, real estate sales consultant Jennifer Bury of The Jason Mitchell Group explains the benefits of having a buyers consultation before you buy a home. 

Jennifer Bury, The Jason Mitchell Group

Come on folks, we’ve all been there.  Where you ask? You know….browsing the internet looking at homes on Zillow or aimlessly driving the streets searching for the perfect home to stop you dead in your tracks as though a sign from above. Your heart beats with excitement as you dial your Realtor and all you want to hear is yes the home is available and how soon can we meet?  Easy right? Don’t get me wrong, we want to show homes more than anything, however it is important to understand that investing some time in the beginning will save you time and frustration as you move throughout the transaction. What are the benefits of doing a buyer consultation? The answer is simple – time. Whether buying your first or fifteenth home, a buyers consultation allots you the opportunity to establish relationships, set expectations as well as understand the process long before things get CRAAAAZY!

THREE key benefits of a buyers consultation:

  1. Establish the Relationship – Regardless of whether your Realtor is a complete stranger or a member of your family, building a good relationship up front will help facilitate a much smoother transaction. The goal is to establish a strong trustworthy  relationship with your agent so that you not only trust them, but feel comfortable using them during one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.  Sit down, have a cup of coffee and get to know each other.  You will be spending a lot of time together over the next couple of months so make sure that you pick an agent you feel confident working with.
  2. Expectation Setting – Setting expectations out of the gate is truly the only way to go.  It is not only important for you to set expectations for your Realtor, but they also should set expectations for you as the client.  For example, your schedule only permits you to look at homes on Sunday afternoon and Sunday just so happens to be the only day your Realtor takes off for family time.  Is this going to create issues from the get go? Absolutely! Let your agent know what your schedule looks like, how and when you prefer to be communicated with and in return let them do the same.  Most problems can be prevented by setting expectations and communicating effectively. It sets both you and your agent up to have a pleasurable relationship together.
  3. Evaluating the Process – Buying a home is a process.  From beginning to end you will feel every array of emotion imaginable.  If you find an agent that will invest an hour of time up front to explain and answer any questions then you have definitely found a Realtor that has your best interest in mind.   Some of the highlights your agent should cover are the financial pre-qualification and pre-approval process, making an offer, negotiations, inspections, closing and review all documentation.  Being an educated buyer will give you the confidence necessary to move from contract to close with ease.

Bottom line, buying a home is a process.  Fortunately, I’m here to make this process as easy as possible.

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