These AZ Cities Offer Some of the Best Lifestyle Amenities in the Country, Report

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The last decade has been a race for developers to win the hearts of American renters, and community amenities were among the strongest incentives that could tip the contest in one competitor’s favor.

While having an apartment that is equipped with the right features—from dishwashers, in-unit washers and driers to smart home solutions—remains crucial, as does a reasonable price tag, renters prioritize convenience in their residential choices. Apartment buildings need to check a lot of boxes to stay on the prospects’ radar and a lot more is expected from a community than in the past, from on-site parking and fitness centers to resort-like swimming pools, business lounges and clubhouses.

In order to identify the best locations in the US for amenity-centric apartment communities, STORAGECafé analyzed over 82,000 large-scale properties across the 100 largest US cities, where Metro Phoenix placed 5 cities in the top 20 places with the most amenity-rich communities.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Gilbert emerged as the best place for renter amenities. About 60% of local apartment buildings boast a diverse mix of communal features for residents. Community outdoor space is prevalent across all large-scale rental complexes, as is parking space, and almost all apartment buildings are outfitted with sparkling swimming pools that can rival anything a vacation retreat can offer. Close to 80% of Gilbert’s multifamily communities feature playgrounds and about a quarter offer their residents basketball courts.
  • Chandler ranks second, with 58% of its rental properties equipped with community facilities that respond to varied renter needs. All large-scale apartment buildings in Chandler boast a common outdoor space — be it a garden or a rooftop deck — along with resort-style pools and 24hr fitness centers. Moreover, apartment buildings are particularly family-friendly here, with about 54% of rental communities offering playgrounds for kids’ enjoyment. Renters can also make use of volleyball courts in roughly 45% of rental complexes.
  • Scottsdale joins the group in offering top-notch community perks with more than 50% of apartment buildings being outfitted with a mix of in-demand features. Most of Scottsdale’s rental buildings excel at offering entertainment space and access to pools, spas and fitness centers, whether they choose to enjoy the Sonoran desert landscape or they seek a wellness-oriented activity indoors. Furthermore, a large majority of apartment complexes come with clubhouses. About 21% of rental communities provide tennis courts among their mix of amenities, and close to 11% of apartment buildings in the city offer their residents access to on-site golf courses.

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