These are the Top Emerging Home & Design Trends of Summer, Report

Home design trends are always evolving. What some homeowners found aesthetically pleasing last season may be out of style this season, and what other individuals loved in their homes a few years ago may now be less practical as people think of new ways to enhance their homes and new design styles become popular.

Houzz, an online community for home design, remodeling and decorating ideas, identified the top emerging home design trends for summer 2023 based on the latest search insights from homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home professionals. Read on to discover the latest trends in home design, according to Houzz.

Underground Living Space

Adding additional living areas to your property or utilizing a basement in your home provides a large open space that can be used as a family or recreation room. Searches for family rooms and recreation rooms were up by 9x and 6x, respectively. Both are perfect destinations for watching movies, playing games and exercising at home. Another popular use for these spaces are “basement golf simulators,” which notably spiked in searches by an astounding 20x. 

Rooftop Living

People are increasingly utilizing their rooftops to expand livable space as well. Searches for “outdoor rooftop terrace” shot up 16.5x, while searches for “rooftop deck” and “rooftop patio” increased by 90% and 40%, respectively. 

Bathrooms With More Accessibility

According to a 2023 U.S. Houzz & Home Renovations Study, homeowners are renovating and designing their spaces for long-term use that will allow them to safely remain in their homes well into retirement years, and bathrooms are seeming to be the place to start. Searches for “aging-in-place” and “handicap-accessible” bathrooms have each more than doubled since last year. Plus, features like “handheld shower head,” “ADA compliant bathroom vanities” and “curbless showers” have also been a popular search topic. 

Industrial-Style Kitchens 

As the heart of the home, kitchens are a popular space for home makeovers and updates. Currently, homeowners have a growing interest in “industrial kitchens” with searches for “kitchen track lighting” and “pull-down kitchen faucets” tripling and searches for “stainless steel countertops” and “brick kitchen wall” doubling. Other emerging kitchen trends include concrete countertops and copper backsplashes.

Entertainer’s Kitchens 

While a more industrial kitchen aesthetic is on the rise, people are also updating their kitchens to be entertainer-friendly. The 2023 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study found that nearly 3 in 5 (57%) homeowners use their kitchen for entertaining following a renovation. Individuals are searching up many entertainer’s kitchen designs, including the idea of an “open concept kitchen to family room,” which grew by 76%, as well as island cooktops, which allow cooks to easily engage with their guests. Additionally, searches for “walk-in kitchen pantry” jumped 27x from last year for offering more storage space.  

Solutions for Separation & Privacy

Open-concept designs remain popular for many homeowners, yet recently, design elements that create a temporary sense of separation and privacy are gaining traction. Searches for “living room divider” have gone up by 445%, while searches for “Shoji screen” and “partition wall” have increased by 60% and 41%, respectively.

Overhead Design

The ceiling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when designing a home, but Houzz design enthusiasts are putting the attention back on to the “fifth wall” by showing the ceiling’s paint and texture can drastically enhance a room. Searches for “high-gloss ceiling,” “painted ceiling” and “black ceiling” have all increased since last year, plus searches for “tongue-and-groove ceilings” have grown by 74%. 

Historical Style Revival 

Colonial and Spanish Colonial design influences are becoming more popular in current home design, as searches for Colonial-inspired “front porch,” “exteriors” and “living rooms” all increased by 6x, 2.5x and 2x since last year, respectively. Additionally, searches for “Spanish Colonial living room” jumped significantly by 15x, while“Spanish Colonial kitchens” and “Spanish Colonial exteriors” tripled and more than doubled, respectively. 

Space-Conscious Outdoor Features

For desert homeowners, summer-friendly outdoor spaces are essential. Yet amenities like swimming pools aren’t always practical and take up a lot of backyard space. That’s why people are gravitating toward features that save room without sacrificing outdoor enjoyment. According to Houzz, searches for “small swimming pool” grew by half this summer, while “small plunge pool” and “small pool house” jumped nearly 4x and 3x, respectively. Interest in “small outdoor kitchens” also more than doubled. 

Read the full 2023 U.S. Emerging Summer Trends Report by Houzz here

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