The Most Popular Kitchen Renovation Trends

Interior design website Houzz recently surveyed 2,380 American homeowners to find the biggest kitchen design trends of 2023. Those who were polled have recently completed or are starting kitchen remodels. Here are six top-trending kitchen renovation upgrades.

1. Sustainable Features

The most popular trend by far is sustainable features, with 92% of respondents saying they were incorporating sustainability into their kitchen remodels. Sustainable features are ones that save energy or water and reduce waste. Popular choices were updates, including LED light bulbs, which 65% of homeowners are including in their kitchens, while 61% are incorporating energy-efficient appliances and 34% are including water-saving features. Twenty-seven percent of the group are using energy efficient windows to reduce heat and save costs and energy on heating and cooling. 

Nearly half (47%) of the homeowners who were surveyed are designing timeless kitchens as a form of sustainability since they won’t change it up as frequently as a design with hyper-trendy features. The most important reason for sustainability was cited to be long-run cost effectiveness by 74% of people, while making environmentally friendly choices is important to 54% of homeowners.

2. Cabinet Styles

Cabinets are a big topic of interest, with wood-tone and flat-panel cabinets gaining popularity. Those opting for shaker-style cabinets are at 61%, lower than last year, while flat-panel doors are now being adopted by 20% of homeowners, more than the year before. Bar pulls are most popular, with 72% of renovators adopting them. Knobs are second most popular at 34%, while cup pulls are third with 10%. Six percent of respondents opted for no cabinet pulls at all.

3. Wood Cabinets

White cabinets are still the most popular with 40% of renovators using them. Wood-tone cabinets are on the rise however with 24%, up three points from the previous year. Forty-six percent of owners opted for a cabinet color on their islands that contrasts with their main cabinets. The most popular island cabinet colors are blue (24%) and gray (15%), which both saw slight decreases from last year. Some colors increased, however, with black and medium wood tones both two points above last year, now at 12%. 

4. Recessed Lighting

As far as lighting, recessed lights were used by the majority of homeowners at 72%, now beating under cabinet lights. However, under cabinet lights are still popular and also gained points, being used by 70% of renovators. 

5. Hiring Professionals

At 84%, most homeowners still hire professionals to assist in remodels, but last year it was at 89%. Use of professional cabinet makers increased for the fourth year, up to 32%. General contractors are the most popular hire, with 50% of homeowners enlisting services. Kitchen designers were used by 22% of renovators, interior designers were used by 15% and architects and kitchen remodelers were both used by 11%. Only 3% of homeowners consult with pros about sustainability options, but perhaps the number will grow as other sustainable features also rise. 

6. Electronic Upgrades

Almost half of new kitchens are using charging docks for electronics, up nine points from last year, now at 49%. Wireless speakers are being used by 37% of homeowners, up by 11% from the year before. Stereo systems are being installed by 20% of people, doubling since 2022. Over half of homeowners (51%) opted for high tech faucets with water efficiency features (24%) and touch free usage (23%). Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they used high tech appliances, like ones with wi-fi connection (25%) and smartphone controls (24%).

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