Organization Tips for Every 20-Something

Cork board above desk

Let’s face it, life in the 20’s can be busy. It can feel like life is just rushing by, between back-to-back work meetings to hair appointments to dinners with friends on a daily basis, things can get a little crazy.

Cork board above desk
Cork board above desk

Everyone can afford to be a little more organized, so here are a few tips to kick start those organization goals:

  • Planner – This may seem obvious, but having somewhere to immediately write things down will save a ton of time and worry.
  • Wall calendar – No matter the age, crossing off the days always helps. In addition to having a planner for day-to-day, a wall calendar helps see the big picture and what’s coming up.
  • Vision boards – Dream it and create it. Whether its to help plan out wardrobe choices or plan a trip, keep all ideas in one place with a mood board.
  • To-do lists – Nothing is more helpful in prioritizing than writing down everything that needs to be done.
  • Track those finances – Stop wondering where every paycheck went. Whether you devise a system in an Excel document, or choose one of the many apps available that organize things, keeping track of money is an absolute must.
  • A pretty tray for loose jewelry – Keep everyday jewelry close at hand and on display.
  • “Want” and “Need” lists – Impulse buys happen, but they can be kept to a minimum by keeping track of all the things that are considered needs and wants.

Getting organized in everyday life doesn’t have to be a hard process. Start small, and keep goals attainable. Whether its a busy working day or juggling multiple school projects, it goes without saying that everyone could all afford to be a little more organized.

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