How JMG Makes the Reality of Owning a Home Possible

If you’re wanting to buy or sell a home, you most likely were told to find a realtor to assist. While the choices are great in numbers in your area, a real estate agent who works with a team is the best way for those buying a home or have a home to sell.

One of the advantages of working with a real estate team, besides having access to a specific agent, is the efficiency of the team as a whole by moving the transaction from showing to closing. Having multiple team members sharing each other’s strengths and fortify each other’s weaknesses. The other benefit is the number of partners a team works with, the trust built from working together on deals allows for you to receive extra benefits as a consumer. A team shares the common goal to make sure a client is well taken care of from showing to closing. Getting multiple professionals for the price of one to make sure the process is seamless.

If you’re selling your home, having the ability to have multiple agents, part of a team who know your property well, can do open houses more often. This allows for more access, generally selling faster. This also allows that many more people are marketing your home for you.

In today’s market, time is everything, having the ability to have access to see properties and get offers submitted quickly can keep you from losing out on that perfect home. A team can make sure that no matter what time it is, someone can help you see a home.

Technology within a team also will be more advanced. This will also make sure that the experience is not only seamless, but makes it easier to complete the entire process efficiently.

A team will have a bigger database to market your home, having the ability to get it seen by more agents and potential buyers.

In California, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Florida we have a team of amazing agents who go above and beyond for are clients, the hands-on approach we take with every client and deal that we handle, is second to none. Jason Mitchell has built a system that makes the home buying or selling process for client and agents seamless. Having incredible partners, technology, and leadership is an essential aspect needed when you decide to buy or sell a home.

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Thomas Girard

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