Don’t Lose Sight of the Most Important Aspect of Buying Your Next Home!

This week, Real Estate Consultant & “Certified Negotiation Expert” Gregory Hidder from The Jason Mitchell Group gives his expert real estate advice and tips on real estate negotiations.

Real Estate Consultant & “Certified Negotiation Expert” Gregory Hidder from The Jason Mitchell Group

With over 50,000 licensed real estate agents in the state of Arizona, consumers looking to buy or sell real estate have many choices when it comes to choosing an agent.  Whether you’re a first time buyer or have bought and sold a home on several occasions, it’s important to remember that this is a significant financial investment and will most likely be one of the single largest investments you will make in your lifetime.  With that said, ask your self “who would be the best equipped and most experienced agent to help guide me through the biggest and most important financial decision of my life?”

Are you ready to hear about the most important skill set you should look for in a real estate agent?  Drum roll please…’s NEGOTIATING SKILLS!  That’s right, negotiations in my mind is the single most important skill set of an agent and often times the most overlooked by the consumer when choosing their agent.  Think about it, more often than not, consumers put their most cherished and largest investment in the hands of someone who lacks the experience in negotiations.

Sure, most agents can find you a home, you could probably do that on your own, but who is going to go to bat for you when negotiating the contract? Who is on your side when you get that first offer on the sale of your home or when you make an offer on your dream home?

Many variables go into negotiating a real estate contract.  Obviously you have price, certainly very important! What about all the other variables that go into creating a smooth transition from where you are now to where you want to go?  Earnest money deposit amounts, closing dates, lease back opportunities to help reduce stress during the closing and move out period, personal property, repairs and appraisal, just to name a few.

Here is the mindset and how I approach all negotiating scenarios, remember it’s all about communication.  First and foremost, what can I find out about the other party (buyer or seller) and how can we craft our negotiations in such a way that we provide them value without costing my client more money?  Set aside price for now, what will make the other party happy, lets spoon feed them everything they want that won’t cost my client money while providing all parties a stress free, seamless transaction, a win/win scenario for all…then when price comes up, there is a good chance the other party will be more receptive to where my client wants to be on price.

There is so much more to cover on this topic, but that should give you a look into how negotiations can benefit your situation.  Remember, the next time you hire a real estate agent to help you purchase your new home or sell your current home, ask them about their experience in negotiations. Find out about their style and expertise in this area and don’t forget, this is the largest single investment in your lifetime, make sure you are aligning yourself with someone who can negotiate with your best interest in mind, every step of the way.

To find out more about benefits of expert negotiations, you can reach Gregory personally by email or by calling direct 602-980-7199.

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