AZ Reads: Volume One

Looking to pick up a new book? This Valley VIP share his favorite read of all time. (And check back next week for more reading recs!)

Scott Roelof, CEO of RCG Valuation 

Steven Pinker: Better Angels of our Nature

“Professor Pinker’s Better Angels is a comprehensive study on the fall of violence in society over time. This book provided a game-changing view of the world as it made the argument that violence is undeniably falling across all measures. Pinker uses many interesting tools to make his points such as etiquette books from the 1400’s. His theory was if there was a rule of etiquette, it was something they were trying to stop people from doing. For example, one should not urinate in the streets, it was a rule. Obviously, it was a problem for them if they had to make a rule trying to stop it. While sometimes you must have a strong stomach to power through certain graphic parts, the book has changed my view on life. I find myself being far more of an optimist after reading this book and, in times like now, that can be very useful.”

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