AZ Reads: Volume 5

Looking to pick up a new book? We’ve asked our favorite Valley VIPs to share their favorite reads of all-time or the tomes they are currently devouring. (And check back next week for more reading recs!)

Walter Crutchfield, partner at Vintage Partners and developer of Uptown Plaza and the new ARRIVE Hotels 

Mike Duncan: The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic

“I primarily read history. I am always looking to the past to better understand the present and where we might be heading. This is important for my profession of development but also as an investor and speculator. This book explores the question in the authors words, ‘Is America Rome? Is the United States following a similar historical trajectory? If so, where does the US stand on the Roman timeline?’ Attempting to make a direct comparison between Rome and the United States is always fraught with danger, but that does not mean there is no value to entertaining the question. It at least behooves us to identify where in the thousand-year history of the Roman Empire we might find an analogous historical setting”. Riveting read about what led to the fall of the roman empire and the trajectory that could lead to the same for western civilization.”

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