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I remember a couple weeks ago going through my closet and trying on a pair of jeans that I had worn, what I felt at the time, was my best shape. I was weeks out from the Olympia and I remember wearing these jeans and thinking, “ugh, still not lean enough”. Now putting on those jeans I will be lucky if I can get them over my thighs…LOL.

Now, the old me would have been disappointed that I couldn’t fit into these jeans and try to work at any cost to fit into the “mold” and “mindset” of that time in my life. The Felicia “now” loves her body and now I realize that in order to be happy, content and most importantly healthy, that these “jeans” will now only symbolize my competitor lifestyle. It doesn’t define me as a person nor can it affect the way I feel about myself .


I am not perfect and still have “negative” thoughts,  I am human, but the more I practice what I preach to myself and my clients…the more I begin to BELIEVE it. Thoughts become things. I have these conversations with my clients all the time. Many men and women can remember a time when they were feeling their best….well they more than likely were a lot younger and before kids and life got in the way… and many try  and try to get back down to that “weight”. First, thing I try to convey is…let’s not FOCUS on the NUMBER but how you FEEL and LOOK. Numbers mess with our heads and can turn a perfectly good day into a depressing, sad day. Why live like this? We can still LOVE our bodies while working toward the body we want.

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So, I have a weekly news segment on Fox 10 and this week I focused on core exercises as well as nutrition tips like watching “liquid calories”.


Working your core:

1. Side planks- 5 sets / 30 -45 sec each side

2. Pike on a TRX- 3 sets of 10-15

3. Knee drive crunches on TRX- 3 sets of 15


1. Be careful of liquid calories because it can hundreds of extra calories and sugar a day- start flavoring water with lemon and fruit like cucumber or berries.


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Here are a few quick tips on how to stay motivated:

-Take in one day at a time

-surround yourself with positivity

-ask yourself what you want and strive to achieve it

-recognize progress

-focus on how you, feel not the scale

-be kind to yourself

-don’t compare yourself to others


Thank you so much for reading-EMBRACE YOUR CURVES!!

Felicia Romero

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