Best Spring Training Field 2015: Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

Spring Training: A's vs D-backs

Batting their competition out of the park for a home run is our 2015 winner in the category Best Spring Training Field, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick!

Best Spring Training Field - Salt River at Talking Stick

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick is located right in the hub of Metropolitan Phoenix, within the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. Open since the spring of 2011, Salt River Fields is the home of the official spring training facility for both the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. With its 11,000 seat capacity ballpark, 12 practice fields in addition to clubhouses and training facilities, Salt River Fields is truly the place to be when it comes to spring training here in the Valley.

Spring Training: Cubs vs D-backs

Since 2009, David Dunne has been the Spring Training Operations Manager for the AZ Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies. When asked what the best part of his job was, Dave replies, “Best part of my job is getting to come to this absolutely beautiful facility, every day. The surrounding fields and majestic views, make this the best place to come to work, in the Valley, in my opinion.”

He continues, “Seeing how much the fans love coming here is very exciting to my staff and I. The great fan turnout and fan friendly atmosphere, make this an exciting venue to be a part of.”

D-backs vs Rockies

Why should people in the valley come out and experience spring training at Salt River Fields? “Fans will enjoy how close they can get to the players, as the players workout. The fan/player interaction here is wonderful, and the stadium has great sightlines for the games, and the scenery is second to none.”, says Dunne.

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