Meet the Interior Design Queen ~ Julliana Garten

J. Garten Design is an interior design and accessories company focused on creating beautiful, functional, and personalized spaces to reflect your style.

They work with a respected team of professionals that use the best materials, furnishing and finishes while always respecting your style and budget.

Julliana is an interior and fashion designer, with over 20 years of experience. She graduated in Brazil with an Architecture, Interior Design, City Plan and Landscape Design degree.

She worked with the best names in the industry, both in Brazil and the USA until she decided to launch her own company. Since then she has been creating beautiful, unique, personalized, and functional spaces and fashionable jewelry for her remarkable customers.

Because of her success with the J.Garten brand, Julliana has been invited to participate in fashion and interior design events, runway shows, magazine publications, TV segments and she had the honor of winning multiple awards for her prestigious work.

The design world is Julliana’s passion and she loves designing, renovating, staging, and styling for her clients’ homes and offices. On this website, we document her adventures in interior and fashion design, exclusive events, and lifestyle.

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