Favorite Valley Dad: Johnjay Van Es

by Melissa Larsen

While the Valley knows Johnjay Van Es of the Johnjay and Rich KISS FM radio show as one of the most entertaining on-air personalities, his three sons know him as “dad.” “‘Dad, I love you like it never stops.’ My son Jake said that to me one night when he was 5. The greatest sentence I’ve ever heard.” Van Es loves attending sporting events and Boy Scouts with his sons, and savors the little moments like picking them up from school and sitting down for a family dinner. And in his 15 years of dadhood, Van Es has gleaned some wise advice to share with first-time fathers: “Love on your wife, their mom, as much as you can in front of your kids. Their values are ‘caught, not taught.’ Be respectful. [Be] a gentleman. Show them how to be a man. Spend as much time as you can with your kids. We don’t have them very long. I figure 18 summers is what we get before they start their journey.” @johnjayvanes

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