Best Female PR: Melissa Digianfilippo

by Melissa Larsen

“I love that every single day, I get to wake up and be a storyteller,” says Melissa DiGianfilippo, co-owner and president of public relations at Serendipit Consulting. “There is nothing better than meeting a really cool client and having the opportunity to shape the way that client’s story is told to the world.” DiGianfilippo and her partner, Alexis Krisay, founded the fi rm 10 years ago and have grown the business to a team of 25. To track Serendipit’s abundance of positive feedback, there is a “Wowza Wall” in the offi ce where visitors might spy phrases like “PR gurus,” “crushing it” and “next level”—and the mom of two says that such rewarding feedback fuels her. And there is more to come from DiGianfilippo and Krisay, as they have exciting new projects in the works this year. @MelissaDFlip

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