Vintage Motorcycles in the Phoenix Valley Area are Here To Stay

As a person who was spent the bulk of their life in the Phoenix Valley area, I have learned two things.  1:  Phoenix culture IS car culture.  2:  Women, according to GQ Magazine survey results, want their men to resemble classic Hollywood icon Steve McQueen in some way.  Besides turtlenecks and aviator sunglasses, Steve McQueen was well known for his love of vintage motorcycles.  I think we all remember the classic scene from The Great Escape where McQueen jumps a fence on his custom Triumph TR6 Trophy.  While we may not find ourselves on the run and jumping fences on a classic bike anytime soon, the Phoenix Valley area, with its open desert, dry weather, and vast highway system, is the ideal place to be for the vintage biking enthusiast, be they veteran or novice.

Any one of the many vintage auto shows that take place in the Phoenix Valley annually are great places to view vintage bikes, and also to learn more about Phoenix Valley clubs where one could further pursue their interests. also facilitates a Phoenix Valley area vintage motorcycle club, Arizona Cafe Racers, where enthusiasts can meet, attend vintage biking events, go on group rides, and learn from one another about the ins and outs of being a Phoenix Valley area vintage motorcycle racing enthusiast.

You can find great vintage bikes by searching the Phoenix Valley page, as well as at various independent dealerships around the Phoenix Valley area.  Vintage Racing Motorcycle, run by Phoenix Valley local Glenn McMinn and based out of Apache Junction, has a wide selection of pristine restored vintage racing bikes for sale and trade.  He can be contacted through the website

Whether you buy a pristine restored classic, or a rusting vintage as a project of passion, vintage motorcycle racing, collecting, and restoring is an international hobby, for some a way of life, and is on the rise for a very good reason.  Think Steve McQueen.

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  1. I need HELP! I have a 1965 Honda CB160 that needs some work I can not find anybody that will work on it! Does anybody know someone that will work on it/ I have been looking for hrlp for years!


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