Vintage Craigslist Find of the Week: 1968 Dodge Dart

If one had a time machine, and with this time machine they decided to visit the drag races of the late 1960s and early to mid 1970s (seems reasonable), they would likely find a 1968 Dodge Dart cleaning up the competition.

Equipped with a 340-cid V-8, the ’68 Dart GTS was a worthy member of Dodge’s new performance-car group, called “The Scat Pack.”  Underrated at 275 bhp, a GTS could turn mid-l4s at 99 mph.  The optional 383 V-8 had 335 bhp, but weight disadvantages meant it wasn’t much quicker than the nimbler 340.

Of course what you will often see, especially amongst collectors and automotive fanatics, is an aftermarket custom 440-cid V-8.  In all, about 650 ’68 and ’69 Darts were fitted with these big-block Magnums, modified well beyond the 375-bhp factory rating.  In fact, many of these wild and quasi-legal aftermarket fittings were facilitated by Dodge themselves.  It seems they knew a good thing when they saw it.

These” Dodge Equipped” cars were shipped from Detroit minus the factory power-train, outfitted with the big-block madness elsewhere in Michigan, and then sold on Grand Avenue in Chicago to any street racer willing and able to put down the asking price.

Right now you can find one of these running for around $2,500 on the Phoenix Valley Craigslist page.  Not a bad price for a flashy piece of Americana and muscle car history.

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