Toyota Prius Still Setting the Trend for the Future

With the Chevy Volt and other major car manufacturers’ green hybrid models in only their first generation, these vehicles will likely come with some major design flaws and defects.  This is the trouble with emerging technology, the mass of potential customers must wait for the non-risk averse early adopters to essentially act as a testing lab to work out the kinks of a new product.  The Toyota Prius on the other hand, now having entered it’s third generation and 14th year of production, is a time tested and lab perfected masterpiece of modern engineering, and a safe bet for any Phoenix Arizona resident looking to make a solid investment in a quality automobile.

In January of this year, at the 2011 North American International Auto Show, Toyota debuted the new 2011 Prius with an extended hatchback wagon, which features over 50 percent more interior cargo space than the original Prius design. Toyota also unveiled the Prius c concept, which in production form is expected to be cheaper and smaller than the current Prius hatchback. Toyota expects the Prius v to go on sale in mid- to late 2011, and a car based on the Prius c concept to enter production in the first half of 2012.

Toyota has also recently partnered with Microsoft to create a communication, navigation, and multimedia console to blow the Ford Mytouch out of the water.  This should be an option with the 2012 or 2013 model.

While the vehicle has been around for a good while now, and Phoenix Valley residents can find used models at cheaper prices, the technology is advancing at such a high speed with every generation, the true automotive and tech enthusiast will want to seriously consider the 2011 model, or possibly even consider waiting for the 2012 or 2013 model as it is likely to possess the most cutting edge driver interface console in the world.  With a brand new souped up Prius package going for around $29,000, a new model is a good value and investment.

One last point:  Toyota’s official specs state that the Prius averages 50 mpg, while user reports range anywhere from 56 to 73 mpg (possibly with the aid of hyper-milling and other fuel saving techniques).  With numbers like that, the Prius deserves some consideration.

Phoenix Arizona residents can view and test drive the new 2011 Toyota Prius lineup at any of the Phoenix Valley Toyota dealers.

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