Tesla Announces Partnership with Mercedes Benz

Tesla opened its doors nearly a decade ago.  Its genesis came forth from the Silicon Valley internet boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s.  Founded by PayPal CEO Elon Musk, Tesla is unique in the fact that it exist within a rare realm of new non petroleum based cutting edge technology, scientific breakthroughs and areas of research that had long been ignored by the worldwide automotive manufacturing community.  Of course I am speaking of sustainable energy powered cars: plug in electric, solar, bio-fuels, or wherever else the lab research might lead.  This emphasis has since become commonplace in the industry, but ten years ago it was a radical direction in which Tesla took the lead.

Musk sets himself apart as a visionary and entrepreneur in that he is an engineer with a sharp aesthetic palate.  He cares as much about what is under the hood as he does about the exterior design.  This means that not only are Tesla’s vehicles intended to be high performing sustainable energy machines, but they are intended to be appreciated as luxury items and automotive works of art.

Musk also understands that it is a waste of time to go around an established industry attempting reinvent the wheel.  For this reason Tesla and Mercedes Benz have just announced a new partnership to bring Tesla’s high performance electric engines into the bodies of Mercedes Benz’s luxury vehicles.  Mercedes Benz has debuted electric concept vehicles in the past at various international auto shows, and this news is proof that a luxury electric high performance Mercedes Benz is on the way soon.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can keep their eyes set to Vroom for further information and updates as they come in.  Phoenix Valley luxury and performance vehicle lovers can view and test drive any current production model Mercedes Benz at their local Phoenix Valley Mercedes Benz dealer.

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