Stick Shift: Some of our Top Toyota’s from 2019

Photo via: Lexus

Toyota 86

The spirited Toyota 86 of today is a clear love song to the AE86 Levin and Trueno from decades past. Also front engine rear-drive models within the Corolla range. The Toyota 86 resurrects what made those models great in the 80’s with a tuner friendly chassis, good power, wonderful dynamic control and a driving experience that’s pure and charming from point A to B. 

Photo via: Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser

With a production cycle that began all the way back in 1951, the Land Cruiser has morphed and evolved over these many years. Today, it has become the ultimate combination of luxury and utility. Its stylish design and comfortably outfitted interior combine with some of the best off-roading technology around to ensure optimal performance both on and off the road.

Photo via: Toyota

Lexus RC 350

There’s no denying that from the moment the RC 350 hit the streets, there was little else that could compete with its attractive design and arresting good looks. The little RC coupe continues to impress us visually, with rousing performance to match. A strong V6, multiple and transformative driving modes, snappy throttle response and an eager transmission combine with a sold chassis design and sporty suspension to deliver the moves to match its sporty form.

Photo via: Lexus

Lexus GX 460

The GX 460 delivers a chiseled exterior and luxurious interior. Capable of comfortably transporting seven with style and confidence, even when road conditions take a turn for the worst. With a strong V8, impressive towing capacity and that signature Lexus craftsmanship and reliability, you don’t need to choose one thing and sacrifice another. The balanced mission of the Lexus GX 460 lets you enjoy as much as any one vehicle can.

Photo via: Lexus

Lexus RX 450hL

The best selling SUV from Lexus continues to impress with its sharp style, impeccable craftsmanship and immaculate interior. The hybrid system delivers big torque and good performance while still managing hybrid level MPG’s. The ‘L’ brings a whole extra row of seating so that even more of the family can enjoy everything the Lexus RX Hybrid has to offer.

Photo via: Lexus

By: Brandon Randall

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