Stick Shift: Rolls-Royce Introduces Dawn

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Image via Rolls-Royce.

By: Brandon Randall

Rolls-Royce has always been a company that values quality over quantity. Until very recently, their were only three models to choose from, the Phantom, Wraith and Ghost, and all in limited production. It’s understandable than that the release of an entirely new model is a very big deal. Inspired by the Silver Dawn, a limited run drop-head convertible, of which only 28 were made between 1950 and 1954, Rolls-Royce resurrects the spirit and the name of this iconic car. With the promise and energy the beginning of each new day brings, Rolls-Royce brings us its newest addition, Dawn.

This is no re-engineered Wraith with a soft top. The new Dawn stands entirely alone from its siblings with 80% of its body panels entirely unique. The famous parthenon grille is recessed back and perched above a lowered front bumper. Trademark exterior cues remain largely unchanged like those powerful high shoulders and classic long nose to accommodate the beloved 6.6L twin-turbo V12 with an output of 562hp. The lines sweep back echoing the design of an early boat tail, complete with intricate wood decking in the rear.

Image via Rolls-Royce.

Open up the unique coach style doors and your greeted with, some could say, the best interior by Rolls-Royce yet. Four separate bucket seats provide enough lateral space and leg room for four adults, of considerable size even. Nobody will be arguing over ‘shotgun’ rights in the new Dawn, every seat is the best seat. Rolls-Royce has fitted the Dawn with a completely Bespoke audio system that is custom built and custom tuned for a convertible of the exact dimensions of the car. The leather is soft and creamy as butter and the cabin is filled to the brim with grain matched open pore wood paneling. Polished chrome accent pieces round out the overall aesthetic in an interior where the lines don’t break and the world rushing by outside feels completely blocked out.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is the most powerful four-seat drop-head convertible to date. 0-60 can be accomplished in under 5.0 seconds and steering characteristics continue to offer precise effortless feedback to the lucky person behind the wheel. With historic cues from the past like a retracting soft top where you can hear the pitter patter of rain drops in a storm, to the cutting edge technology there Rolls-Royce continues to be firmly ahead of the pack. The new Dawn is beautiful to behold, comfortable and luxurious, and most importantly, a privilege to drive.

Image via Rolls-Royce.
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