Soon Every Vehicle Will Be an iCar

If the recent history of technological innovation is going to teach us anything, it is that Bill Gates says what is going to happen, then other non-connected people go out and make it so.  In 2004 at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (THE show for labs and engineering studios to showcase their most recent developments and offerings), Bill Gates addressed a crowd on the issue of convergence:

“Convergence doesn’t happen until you have everything in a digital form that the consumer can easily use on all of the different devices”

Gates went to to describe portable devices where one could access music, photos, and video.  What he was describing was the iPhone, three years before Apple debuted it’s first model.  Then later in 2007, at a small press conference in Redmond, Washington, he stated “the future of digital music is on phones.”  With this he predicted the eventual downfall of the then rising nano-mp3 market.

Bill gates and Microsoft pursue the future of technology, and not just technology, but the technology that affects us the most, the technology that is becoming more and more ever-present in our daily lives.  For someone in New York or Chicago, this may mean a smart phone or a tablet pc, but for many of us in Phoenix, Arizona, this means the technology which envelopes us while we are in our vehicles.  With a new partnership with innovative auto giant Toyota, Microsoft is pushing the auto tech market into a new phase.

In the near future, each vehicle will come standard as a 4g mobile hot-spot, meaning that anywhere in the Phoenix Arizona Valley, or elsewhere a cellular signal is available, the technology in the vehicle has high speed wireless access to information.  The goal here is to bridge the gap between the basic driving experience inside of a vehicle, and the information exchange of cutting edge consumer electronics.  What this means is enabling the ability for vehicles to communicate with each other, the road and the internet, thus creating a seamless network. The goal is to create intelligent vehicles that interact with each other, their occupants, and the physical and virtual worlds surrounding them.

Phoenix Arizona auto and tech enthusiasts can view and test drive new Toyota models, particularly the Toyota Prius, which will be featuring more of this cutting edge Microsoft technology in the coming years, at their local Phoenix Valley Toyota dealer.

Phoenix Arizona auto and tech enthusiasts who want to keep up on the latest innovations and concepts should also consider taking a road trip to either the LA International Auto Show, held each November in Los Angeles, CA, or CES (Consumer Electronics Show), held each January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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