Pioneer AppRadio Built for iPhone/Car Integration

The stereo, the touchscreen, the built in GPS, all of these things are increasingly becoming key factors in the purchase of a new vehicle.

Earlier today Pioneer announced the release of it’s new AppRadio user interface program.  This new piece of all in one hardware and software goes the direction of all current media and technology, onto broadband, away from satellites.  No satellite radio, only Pandora or a subscription service such as MOG.  No satellite navigation, but rather a special Google Maps Voice Navigation program.  What do all of these components of the new AppRadio have in common?  you guessed it, they are all apps.  iPhone and iPod apps to be more specific.

In fact, the AppRadio runs off of the iPhone or iPod.  You get in, you plug in your smartphone or mp3 player, and that becomes the car’s brain.  Customers can attach addresses to each contact, making it easy to pull any person or place up for Google navigation at the touch of a button.

At this point, the AppRadio is for Apple hardware users only.  While this covers a good portion of smartphone users and technophiles, it leaves out a significant portion as well.  Smartphone users who exist on the android side of the spectrum should keep an eye out for an android friendly version to be showing up on shelves and in cars sometime later this year.  For whatever reason, android, and the individual app makers, are always a couple of steps behind in terms of ubiquitous compatibility.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can ask about the new Pioneer AppRadio at any Phoenix Valley car dealer, while also being able to purchase the system individually at any Phoenix Valley electronics or car audio retailer.  We often speak of car shows on this site as being points interests for those who wish to keep their knowledge of the automotive industry up to date, but increasingly, consumer electronics shows are almost equally as valuable in attaining these ends.  Phoenix Valley tech enthusiasts should consider taking a road trip to the Consumer Electronics Show, held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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