Phoenix Arizona Residents Should Enjoy the Super Ford Shootout Hot Rod and Drag Race Show

The Ford Motor Company has been coming up over and over again on the blog’o’sphere.  After so many years of perpetually being perceived as a  second rate option, the industry is abuzz with all of the recent developments and improvements that have come from this American car manufacturer.  On the coming weekend of March 26, 2011, Phoenix Arizona residents will have a chance to take a look at some great and unique ford vintage models and custom hot rods at the “Super Ford Shootout” car show.

Returning for a second year, the Wild West Mustangs “Super Ford Shootout” will once again be held at Sanderson Ford in the North lot at 51st Ave & Maryland Ave (map).  If you were a participant last year, you are invited you back this year for what will no doubt be an even better & bigger show.

All years and models of Ford vehicles welcome (includes trucks, racing, any specialty), or any vehicle that is Ford powered (all entries must have ford power).  All Phoenix Arizona Ford enthusiasts who have something to say with their vehicle are welcome.

ACTIVITIES: Car show and drag racing at Speed-World.

HOST: Wild-West Mustang Club of Arizona

SPONSOR: Sanderson Ford Lincoln-Mercury

LOCATION: Sanderson Ford 51st & Maryland Ave

CONTACT: Rick Shopmier (RACER00@COX.NET)


Phoenix Arizona residents should enjoy the Super Ford Shootout Show & Drag Racing at Sanderson Ford & Speed-World Raceway Park. All Ford manufactured & Ford powered vehicles are welcome.  Trucks, off road, specialty vehicles, one offs, customs, street rods, classics, stockers, restored & imports are all welcome. The show takes place at Sanderson Ford, 51st & Maryland in the North lot on Maryland, 9 AM – 3 PM, this March 26th, 2011.

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