Morgan Threewheeler Offers Drive Like No Other

We have all seen the cartoon: The coyote, trying to catch up with the roadrunner, straps himself to a rocket which propels him down the stark southwestern desert highway.  While the cartoons always ended up returning to an end point of perpetual frustration for the coyote, one had to admit, they wanted to ride that rocket.  In the Phoenix Valley area we have always had the long empty stretches of stark desert highway, and now the niche British automaker Morgan delivers us the rocket.

The Threewheeler (pictured above)looks like a cross between an old timey sidecar and something a 1920s villain would drive while fleeing the authorities in a high speed pursuit.  At the same time the Threewheeler manages to retain a modern edge with more than a few hints of timeless class.  Coming equipped with a fuel-injected, 115-horsepower V-Twin engine sitting smack-dab between the spindly wire-spoked wheels up front, hooked up to a Mazda five-speed gearbox that sends power to a lone rear wheel(hence the name: Threewheeler).

The driver is, much like the coyote, basically strapping him or herself to a rocket.  Or him and him, or her and her, or him and her, as upholstered leather seating for two comes standard, as do the protective and much appreciated roll bars behind the seat.

The model pictured above is just one example of a custom model.  They are all custom.  Whether army green with shark teeth are your thing, or if a simple chrome or flat black more suit your style, Morgan can deliver.

Morgan Motor Company is based out of the UK and currently imports select model vehicle to the US on a case by case basis as they are allowed per safety regulations.  Seeing as how the Morgan Threewheeler appears to have been built with rather eccentric car loving western Americans in mind, such as many unapologetic Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts, it would make a great deal of sense for Morgan to do everything in its power to import the Threewheeler into the US as soon as possible.


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