MINI Offers Miniature Rolls Royce

A few days ago we covered the Rolls Royce unveiling of it’s all electric ultra luxury concept vehicle, the Phantom 102EX.  While the Phantom 102EX IS all electric, it will require a good deal of electricity, as it is a large polished luxury boat of a car.  The dilemma here is how to pack a luxury, compact, environmentally friendly, and sporty vehicle into one package.  With the Mini Inspired by Goodwood, Goodwood being the UK home of Rolls Royce, BMW and Mini have answered the challenge with the expected skill and finesse.

The official production model was rolled out earlier this  year at the Shanghai Auto Show.  The 2012 debut model is projected to run at around $50,000, which is $30,000 more than a standard model hardtop.  Initially the vehicle will be limited to a production run of just 1,000 cars, made of top-grade materials molded and put together with the highest level of workmanship.  Its exclusive character is the result of an exceptional collaboration; the special edition MINI was built under the guidance of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars design team in the Sussex, UK town of Goodwood.

Phoenix Arizona residents would be glad to know that this vehicle is projected at 35 mpg highway, which is about as good as it gets in a non-hybrid model.  Phoenix Arizona residents should look forward to a hybrid option, if not in 2012, then in 2013 or soon thereafter.

The Mini exterior is largely standard on all levels of the vehicle.  With the Goodwood model the body features the exclusive Rolls-Royce colour Diamond Black metallic finish and 17-inch light alloy wheels sporting a multi-spoke design, which does take things to the next level beyond what any customer could find on any existing Mini model.

On the interior the dashboard, central console, air vents, carpets, lounge leather seats, roof lining, doors and interior cladding all boast the exclusive Rolls-Royce color Cornsilk. The dashboard and doorhandle surfaces, which are manufactured in Goodwood are finished in Walnut Burr, a premium wood trim exclusive to Rolls-Royce. The black nappa leather dashboard top, Tipped Leather Cornsilk door linings and Piano Black surface finishes all provide additional quality-enhancing accents. This Mini also features cashmere roof linings, sun visors and rear storage tray as well as deep-pile lambswool foot mats – a quality also featured in current Rolls-Royce models.

While it would be advantageous to pre-order as this is a limited edition model, Phoenix Arizona residents can view and test drive the Mini Inspired by Goodwood while it lasts when it hits the showroom floors in mid 2012 at Mini North Scottsdale, as well as at many of the Phoenix Valley area BMW dealers.

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