Microsoft and Toyota Join Forces for the Future of In Car Interactive Technology

When people think of the future of the automotive industry, they think of the Toyota Prius.  When people think of the future of software, or perhaps, software in general, they think of the tech innovative behemoth Microsoft, with its operating systems and processing software to suit every need in an efficient manner.  It was announced today that the two companies are entering a planned partnership to develop and revolutionize the current state of Telematics (in vehicle interactive technology).

When Microsoft released the X-Box 360 in 2005, they revolutionized the home gaming industry, and in home entertainment and home tech networking as well.  Microsoft took one existing and limited technology, and then essentially created a world which did not previously exist.  The same could be said for Toyota with their development of the Prius.  That is what makes this partnership so exciting.

In the popular consciousness, telematics is currently best displayed in Ford’s Mytouch system, and Onstar style GPS tracking and emergency services.   With Mytouch and sync (also developed by Microsoft) we have in car 4G mobile based WiFi, voice command, clear LED and interactive touch screen display, plus music and internet radio/podcasting via Stitchure, Pandora, and compatible music subscription services.  On the gps side we have navigation, low-jack style stolen vehicle recovery, emergency warning and services,and  usage tracking for car share programs.

With Microsoft at the helm, industry insiders believe that we will be witness to a re-definition of the word.  Just as the X-Box 360 could not accuratly be described as merely a gaming system, the future of Telematics will go far beyond mere music, web surfing, and navigation tools.

This emerging technology is slated to debut on all plug in and hybrid models starting in 2012.  Phoenix Arizona customers can view and interact with new production models as they arrive at any of their local Phoenix Arizona area Toyota dealers.

Phoenix Arizona residents who want to keep up on all of the most cutting edge technologies, ideas, and innovations in the automotive world should consider a road trip to the nearby prestigious international LA Auto Show, taking place in Los Angeles, California every November.

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