Melting Electric Debuted in Geneva

Here on Vroom we often promote and celebrate the fine art of automotive design.  If someone unleashes a new vehicle that doesn’t look like a 1996 Ford Taurus, we blush, and then we weep.  But the fact is, as the previous sentence illustrates, that the standard is rarely set above a bare minimum of a creative energy put into a project.  Certainly there are the Morgans and Veyrons of the world, but for every elegant work of art we may see at Geneva or the LA International Auto Show, there exists a million 2010 Ford Focuses.

The Dawn Concept Car, introduced in Geneva by Valmet Automotive(manufacturer of the Fisker Karma), is a vehicle which takes the idea of a “concept” car to a new level.  Falling somewhere between a piece of technology you may see in an Issac Asimov film adaptation and a Salvador Dali painting(think melting clocks), the Dawn is an example of engineering and imagination brought together and fully integrated.

The details on the Dawn are scarce.  Is that a flux capacitor up front?  Or is it an electric grill for roadside convenience?  Likely it is neither, but we really don’t know.  The bottom line is that Valmet is working hard to get attention as an electric vehicle manufacturer and outfitter, and the Dawn is serving them quite well in this regard.

The Dawn is the epitome of a Concept car, and it is a high concept at that.  What this ultimately means for Phoenix Valley automotive enthusiasts is that for the foreseeable future the Dawn will be a look but don’t drive kind of attraction.  If that sort of design tease is still appealing than there are a number of world class auto shows taking place within a relatively short drive of the Phoenix Valley area, shows where one might be able to catch a glimpse of a high concept EV future.

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