Lotus Exige Brings the Super Sport to the Common Man

Many Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts know that the Bugatti Veyron, clocking in with top speeds of 431 mph, is the fastest street legal car in the world.  While this car would be a dream to drive, the fact is that the 2.6 million dollar price tag places it out of most Phoenix Valley resident’s reality.  But auto enthusiasts everywhere, prepare yourself, Lotus Motor Group is making the high end super sport dream a reality for the average man with the Lotus Exige, coming in at just under 60k.

The Exige is a blend of the extreme and the sublime, bringing true race characteristics to a road car. The Exige doesn’t fail to reward driver input, thanks to a responsive power-plant matched to an agile, nimble, race-derived lightweight chassis.

From headlight to tail spoiler, the aggressive stance of the Exige underlines a performance pedigree few can match. Track-inspired details such as the rear diffuser and cool air ducting for the engine intercooler in the roof amplify the Exige’s potent abilities, even when it’s at rest.

Form is blended with function to create the unmistakable Exige silhouette. Squat, purposeful haunches and a bespoke aerodynamic package deliver increased down-force, while adding to the Exige’s formidable performance capabilities.

True to the Lotus ethos, the Exige delivers flawless performance with every component honed and nothing superfluous added.  Intense performance comes from intensive attention to detail. Each component of the Exige is optimised to ensure every element adds to the overall performance and driving experience. From a race-inspired interior, with optimal control ergonomics through to semi-slick tires on lightweight wheels, the Exige remains focused on pure driving pleasure.

Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts can view the new 2011 Lotus Exige at Scottsdale Ferrari, located at McDowell Rd and 68th street.  Phoenix Valley residents should also keep in mind that Phoenix and Scottsdale are luxury car cities, which makes them two of the best spots in the country to search for a quality used luxury sports car.

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