Jeep Builds a Mountain in Downtown Phoenix

Sure there is the LA Auto Show.  Then of course we have Tokyo, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, and so forth.  Right on par yet often overlooked is the Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show.

Those who regularly attend automotive events know that it is not just the prestige or history of an event which makes it great, but it is the unique exhibits and demonstrations held at each event.  The exhibits and demonstrations tent to reflect the cultural geography of the place where the event is being held.  At Pebble Beach, for example, you may find a vintage car collector hitting the links in a Ford Model T with a Datsun engine in place of the old crank motor.  At the Paris Motor Show you may find a man installing an art deco rocking horse in an old horse drawn carriage designed to look like a man’s hat.  At the Tokyo Auto Show…well, who knows what you might see.

Phoenix Arizona has a very distinct cultural geography.  A native car culture, hot rods, rat rods, great Mexican food, desert architecture reflecting many styles from the past century, and more.  But what Phoenix and Arizona in general is best know for is its remarkable wilderness.  From the Superstition Mountains to the Painted Desert, Phoenix and the entire state offers both residents and visitors access to some of the world’s most pristine and stunning wild landscapes.  This is why Jeep has chosen the Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show as the place to showcase their new Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee’s off roading capability on a 22,000- square foot obstacle course.

Among the obstacles meant to simulate the testing Jeep vehicles go through are an 18-foot mobile mountain, a 30-degree wedge, and a 12 x 25 foot section of simulated fallen logs 18 inches in diameter, as well as a variety of different surfaces. The various obstacles are meant to show off Jeep ground clearance, suspension, articulation, stability, and traction. While consumers won’t be allowed to take the wheel themselves, they will get to sit in the passenger seat while a product specialist takes them on a five minute ride over the course.

This show started on Thanksgiving, and will run through the weekend, so get down to the convention center while you still have time.

The Phoenix Arizona International Auto show takes place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention Center downtown.  $10 for adults and $6 for children, students, seniors, and military.  Friday and Saturday the show runs from 9am to 9pm, and 9am to 7pm on Sunday.

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