Infiniti Designs Luxury Hatchback

Infiniti has announced plans for a luxury hatchback due for 2014. The initial engineering is still underway, but it appears that the Japanese automaker is close to picking a final design. There are currently three designs on the table, with one being projected for debut sometime early this year. This likely means that we won’t see the production hatch any time soon, but a we can easily expect a close to production concept to be showing later this year in Paris or Los Angeles.

Although reports are conflicting, the compact Infiniti is said to be based on the front-drive Mercedes-Benz A-Class platform, marking the first time Infiniti and Mercedes have formed such a partnership. This engineering partnership will enable Infiniti to focus its collective energy on creating a unique design inside and out. The German’s seem to know their way around the engineering lab, so this separation of strengths and duties makes perfect sense.

Information about the powertrains of the Infiniti hatch are scarce, but reports that a hybrid could be part of the equation. We’re guessing that a diesel is out of the question for the U.S., but a turbo-four or maybe even the 2.5-liter V6 from the G25 could be in the works.

We’re likely to receive a gas engine Stateside, but the European version will likely be powered by diesel fuel. Infiniti still hasn’t released timing for its new compact hatch, though we’d guess that something will come to fruition within the next year or so.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can look forward to seeing a concept version later this year either at the nearby Los Angeles International Auto Show, or right here in the heart of downtown at the Phoenix International Auto Show taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention Center.

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