How to Find a Classy Vintage Vehicle in Phoenix Arizona

There is a fine line that many an auto enthusiast must walk down.  On one side lay the hot-rods, antique beauties souped up and modified to an almost unrecognizable extreme.  On the other side we have the rat-rods, antique scraps, mismatched and poorly fitted, seemingly to convey a warning of what a post-apocalyptic Phoenix Arizona may look like.  When we try to walk the fine line, it means that we enjoy the class and muscle of a vintage American car, but we also love the subtle simplicity of it all, and we are not necessarily trying to send out any message outside of that.

This is where used, by-owner car sales websites, like, come into play.  If you are looking for say, the 1964 Ford Galxie 500 I stumbled across while perusing Craigslist this morning, then that is where you can find it.  Don’t like the price or color?  Try searching the ads under a city adjacent to Phoenix Arizona.  A scratch or two, maybe a spot of red rust, can easily turn an $8,000 mint classic into an affordable vintage with character and charm, well under $5,000.

Perhaps you want to bring down the price AND go for something a little more unusual.  Scanning the Phoenix Arizona Craigslist this morning I found a mint condition 1963 Mercury Comet for $5,500.  With a short classic American coupe hood and a massive trunk leading out to stylish fins in the rear, this is a truly unique vehicle, one which you will rarely see on the road these days.

If you are an avid collector of antique cars, and Phoenix Arizona is really the best place to be such a person, then you may want to jump on the 1930 Model A, selling for $11,000 firm, which was posted this morning on

Given the state of hyper-specific communication and searching the internet affords, the fact that we live in a desert in which cars age quite gracefully, and the otherwise unfortunate rise in gas prices, Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts have never been in a better position to snatch up a classic vehicle at a premium value.

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